Cold calling is back!

Getting rejected is a normal part of the sales process. You can’t sell to everyone and not everyone wants to buy from you. Mostly this is nothing personal and you must get your ego out of the way.

Rejection should motivate you to work on yourself. To get better and improve yourself!
Learn from each rejection and try to analyze what’s the reason for the rejection. If it was something you could have done better, learn from it, improve and try again!

Try to find your motivational rituals for making your sales calls.

  • Maybe you like doing calls standing up?
  • Maybe you prefer calling with a headset?

Whatever it is, make yourself comfortable and be sharp, but relax before making your calls.

Try to allocate a time slot for your calls. You should make multiple calls in a row, this will help you to get into the flow of calling.

Take notes and after each call. Just quickly summarize everything important you’ve talked about on a paper or in your CRM tool. If you don’t do this, after the 2nd, 3rd call, you’ve already forgotten the topics and valuable inputs from the first call.

When you’re calling try to be motivated and fresh. You should offer the person you’re talking to a valuable and entertaining conversation. You want to stay in their heads after the call ended!

Everybody sometimes has their moments. Sometimes it’s you, sometimes it’s the person you’re calling. No matter what happens, don’t take it personally and call again with a fresh smile.